Friday, January 20, 2012

X-Mass Xtreme Feast

The Xtreme XMass vegetarian meal. Lovingly crafted over two celebratory days. Shared with appreciative family. A gift in the giving.
aruuugla from my garden!

pomegranate concentrate for the muhammara recipe

veggies roasted to perfection for the sauce and the muhammara

the sauce in action

dessert in the making

first course: potato leek soup with greens and cauliflower, salad with peanut drizzle

a walk up Bernal to work up an appetite

second course: olives, cheese, muhammara, hummus and martini

third course: artichokes with dipping sauce extravaganza

fourth course: pasta with b's roasted veggie and tofu marinara sauce made with love

fifth course: vegan chocolate mousse with champs

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we let the pets join in the party

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