Sunday, September 23, 2007

Celebrating Fall with Food on Film

The garden had a food on film celebration tonight...

So fun to be gathered in the garden plaza, surrounded by the sweet smells of the plants sleeping, with Arizmendi pizza, wine in paper cups, watching food shorts on a small makeshift screen.

Best short was an eastern European film that I have yet to find on the web, hope to post here soon.

Check out some video clips on Edible Estates--a radical movement to rejuvenate suburbia and take over the iconic American lawn with beautiful veggie gardens. The video reawakened so many memories of my time working at a small organic garden located in a suburban cultisac of Tempe. So many amazing stories involving ex-cons, cigarettes, divorce, irate neighbors, compost and tragic greenhouse heaters. So much for preconceptions about the life of a backyard organic gardener. You'll have to ask me about the Iris stories sometime...

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