Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I will be a gardener yet & how I spend my Saturdays

Just finished week two of Garden for the Environment's Gardening & Composting Educators Training. It's amazing. When I'm done I'll be a gardener, or at least well on my way. Best part: community service project at the end of class. To get my certification I have to spend 50 hours on a community gardening project in SF.

After just one week in the garden (a beautiful, peaceful spot on 7th Ave & Lawton) I'm already looking at the world as a sidewalk botanist once again. It's so easy to live on eye level in the city. You forget the layers of the world. It's like the difference between watching the world go by from a car and a bike, or a bike and your own two feet. Get out of your visual rut--change your perspective. It's good.

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