Saturday, February 23, 2008

Adventures in Mission Bay

Despite warnings of a nasty storm with 50mph winds, my container garden crew headed out on an adventure to inspire our planning.

First stop Flora Grubb an amazing container palace focused on drought tolerant plants complete with an outlet of the local espresso wonder Ritual Coffee.

Vertical containers, definitely an inspiration.


Then off to Building Resources, the best alternative to Home Depot anywhere, get your recycled, reusable household and garden gear here. But what makes BR better than Urban Ore (it's sister center in the East Bay) is that there are container gardens tucked into every corner.

There's stuff planted in everything from dresser shelves and bathtubs to old BBQs

You can find red, yellow, and green light covers from stoplights. Old photo equipment. Doorknobs in every shape & size. Chandeliers, suitcases, windows, doors, and toilets. And this awesome vending machine.

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N A M E S A K E said...

this stuff is rad. i went to a dinner party once where the girl had hung succulants in antique bottles on the wall. she twisted wire around the bottle neck and then nailed it to the wall. that + all her books made the place look amazing.