Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How, exactly, do you move to Canada or Europe?

No, I'm not upset that Clinton took California.

I just watched Sicko last night and I just don't know if I can keep living here. If I want to keep living in the States. It's not even that I learned about how our health care system is cruel and unjust...It's that finally I put it all together: the fundamental motivation behind a socialist democracy versus a capatalist democracy is at it's core so vastly different. It's the difference between helping others and only helping yourself. I don't really understand how you can live in the world without wanting to help other people. I don't ever want to understand that.

Our country is so driven by the vicious cycle of wealth and debt, dissatisfaction and fulfillment, instantaneous gratification and prolonged depression we can't even see straight anymore. We all feel so disconnected from our government that we don't recognize how it's policies so drastically shape our everyday lives. Just imagine how your everyday life would be different if you had as many paid sick days as you needed, or five weeks paid vacation (the minimun in France) or free child care and beyond comprehension, free college!

Go see Sicko--even if you hate it, it will make you think.

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