Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sharing a meal through the USPS

I'm food obsessed. Possibly more obsessed with talking about food than actually eating it. There's nothing I love more than sharing a meal with people I love. Especially a home-cooked meal. It's so intimate.

I love finding out what people cook at home, what their favorite quick meal is on a Monday night, what they bring to work for lunch, first food memories, guilty pleasures and most hated vegetables.

So, in an attempt to satisfy this craving for food connection and a current obsession with soup recipes, I decided to share some fabulous, soul warming soup recipes with some of my favorite people...wrapped in my first block print, shared through the venerable USPS. Maybe it's silly. But I loved making up the little packages and it's an awesome way to share a meal. I hope it makes people start sharing their recipes and sharing their meals.

Stuff that's inspired me this past week that I hope to write about more:
Lee Friedlander @ the SFMOMA
Serving dinner @ Glide Memorial with my work mates
Little Star Pizza before The Walkmen @ Noise Pop
Sharing drinks with Ms. Sienna after she blazed through the CA bar exam
Zine writings about the Fallen Fruit collective, a wild foraging CSA, and mushroom hunting