Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All Flims Food, Farming & Enviro

This list of ag/enviro films inspired me to make a list of my own favorites...

Eat at Bill's:
the man and the market behind the Bay Area's local food revolution. Bonus points: the director is an ojai pixie tangerine farmer.

Greenhorns: not yet finished, but it will be an epic tale of the new farmers of America.

The Market by Ana Hausman: a beautiful art short about people pawing produce at farmers markets and the beauties of food processing.

Ruth Stout's Garden: the woman of the 70s in her 70s who inspired no till farming. Never seen a better film about gardening.

How to Cook your Life: you won't think of bread baking the same ever again, and the man with the great laugh, Edward Espe Brown

I like Killing Flies: a documentary about a restaurant and a cook that could only exist in NYC. I want some of those mac & cheese pancakes.

Manufactured Landscapes: no ag/food tilt here, nope, it's all about waste. A do not miss beautiful, heartwrenching film.

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