Sunday, January 11, 2009

On the quote wall...

Spent a few hours at the Garden this Saturday and heard a few quotable quotes...

(BTW I felled my first tree, how often do you get to use that phrase. I'm milkin it! My tree was about 10-12 feet tall, already showing signs of weakness and death. I took a saw to it's tall spindly branches, then thick trunk, then I started digging and digging and digging it up by it's taproot. This beast was no joke. It is fitting that something with so much life should be so hard to kill. I'm still sore)

Here's those beautiful quotes...

"If only people cared as much about making soil as they did about vegetable gardening"
"If only people cared as much about making soil & growing vegetables as they do about making money. Wouldn't it be a different world?"

And finally...a great quote from a beautiful little book gifted to me: The Acorn House Cookbook. The Acorn House is to London what Chez Panisse is to California.

"There's an old saying that the family that eats together will stay together. I say that the community that composts together will survive together." Amen brother.

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