Saturday, January 31, 2009

NYC photos...

My trip was mostly spent at work...but I got to spend many meals with good friends, although I'm so bad at taking photos of those meals. Here's a few snap shots of my trip.

The best music room in NYC. & the best music teacher

the 5 year olds of today already know so much more about the environment than we do.
and they know that we're wasting their planet. My favorite poster. Ever.

I do love to dance though I don't do it nearly enough. On this night I danced with Q-tip on the tables and a few of his special guests.
LinkLet's just say lots of people with lots of consonants in their names stopped by.

All my meals were delicious...
A killer happy hour and dynamite agedashi tofu: Ipuddo
A cozy spot with homemade pasta, my first grilled (not fried)calamari, hard to find wines, all for cheap: Malatesta
A japanese macrobiotic meal that makes you feel SO good: Souen
A seasonal, local brunch in the best little spot--they have lots of Greens! on their menu, so I was sold immeadiately: Flatbush Farm & Bar(n)

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