Sunday, January 11, 2009

A weekend of firsts...

First Felled Tree (see previous post)

First Latke Party -- I brought my roasted beet + goat cheese salad and it was a Feast with. a capital F.

First Community Garden Plot -- just got the acceptance email to White Crane Community Garden!!!! Oh the possibilities!!!

First trip to Rainbow Grocery. I know, it's ridiculously overdue--for the queen of all things local, organic and good food I should've made my way there before. And, it is, quite simply, heaven. Well, the bulk section is anyways. I didn't make it far past the bulk...My vision was blurred by the bulk spices, the bean flours and seaweeds, the raviolis, the oils and honeys and syrups. All in the beauty of bulk, take as much or as little as you want. All with perfect, beautiful little jars for purchase. W.O.W.

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